Monday, November 1, 2010

Elements - Online trading card game

For the people who like trading card games, i have finally found a free one, and by free i dont mean with macro payments to build your deck, the only thing you need to build your deck is time. The game gives the opportunity to play both against the computer or against other people. the tutorial is quite good and if you have played other trading card games you should be able to grasp the rules without too much effort.

As the name might suggest the games consists of varius elements, each which focus on one strategy that is diffrent from the others, while the amount of cards for each element are quite limmited, decks rarely consist of only one element, the game is meant to make combinations of the elements, and the amount of possible combinations is quite large.

Playing against the AI or other players earn you gold which can be used to upgrade your deck, and challange higher lvl AI's or players. The game use a system for upgraded cards, which i have not yet tested, but the game flows fine without it, since you can chpoose battle without these upgraded cards.

If you like trading card games i suggest you give it a shot, im not saying that this game will keep you occupied for months, but it kept me entertained for more than a week.
The game is made in flash and does not require a download, people with a kongregate account can acces the game through kongregate, i suggest you go to the official site though, since the game screen will be bigger and it will be easier to read the details on the cards.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Transformice is a flash game, where a bunch of players log into a room, and then they take control of a mouse trying to ge to the cheese. while this might sound lame, the game is fun in its simplicity, and since each map have a max timer of 2 minutes, its not a game that requires alot of time to engage.

To add to the fun, one or two of the players might become shamans who can summon varius items to help the mice get to the cheese.
One of my favorite parts about this game is the confusion that arrives when 25+ players, all on the same map. tries to be the first to grab the cheese. i usually play in room 1 since the amount of mice there are usually higher than the othe rooms. Another reason to use room one is that one of the creators of the games sometimes join the game in room 1, and then start streaming music, painting stuff on the background, and generally adding a new experience to the game.

A few months ago the creators added a map editor to the game, Which has resultet in people making easy maps and making it easier to get to the cheese, this has lowerede the difficulty of the game, and since the players decide which maps stay and which doesnt, people are more likely to give a good vote if they get the cheese rather than when they dont.
If you decide to try out the game i might as well tell you now. you will run into trolls, it cant be avoided, as mentioned earlier the maps have a time of 2 minutes, this time goes down to 20 seconds if the shaman dies, or if there are only 2 mice left in the game (if you die or gather the cheese you disapear from the map). Some trolls use this feature to not enter the hole, but forcing people to stare at him dancing for the remaining time of the map.

Gathering cheese will allow you to buy items for your avatar, these have no practical use, they are only there for the looks, very few of these avatars cost less than a 100 cheeses, so gaining these avatar items may consume a bit of time if your planning to get them.
The game is updated regularly, adding new features, such as new maps, new play styles, new avatars, etc.

I greatly recommend this game to those who are looking for a fast time killer, and its simplicity makes it playable even by those who dont have much experience with gaming.
The game may be found at
or if you own a kongregate account it can be found on Kongregate as a portal containing flash games, its a site i visit regularly, Since i find the quality of most of the games high.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conquer online

A while back, in the days where i only played free mmorpg's i tried out this game called conquer online. The first impression was good, though there wasnt anything new to those used to playing mmorpg's. It did not keep me preoccupied for an entire week, i quickly realised that the game was all about getting rare world drops and grinding experience.

in the little time i played i found that entering a party actually slowed my character growth and cost me loot. i often found myself fighting other players to get the spawns needed for quests.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ragnarok online

Found out a while ago that ragnarok online has set up some free to play servers, im considering giving it a shot. Ive tried the 7 day trial a some years ago, and even though it was mostly grinding i though it was quite intertaining. multiple forums say that the free to play servers are overrun by bots looking to make some easy cash. but as i see it, most free to play mmorpg's are filled with bots. the amount of people using the free to play servers, which may cause some lag, further more only the american version of the game have free to play server and i live in europe, which may increase my lag further.

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