Monday, November 1, 2010

Elements - Online trading card game

For the people who like trading card games, i have finally found a free one, and by free i dont mean with macro payments to build your deck, the only thing you need to build your deck is time. The game gives the opportunity to play both against the computer or against other people. the tutorial is quite good and if you have played other trading card games you should be able to grasp the rules without too much effort.

As the name might suggest the games consists of varius elements, each which focus on one strategy that is diffrent from the others, while the amount of cards for each element are quite limmited, decks rarely consist of only one element, the game is meant to make combinations of the elements, and the amount of possible combinations is quite large.

Playing against the AI or other players earn you gold which can be used to upgrade your deck, and challange higher lvl AI's or players. The game use a system for upgraded cards, which i have not yet tested, but the game flows fine without it, since you can chpoose battle without these upgraded cards.

If you like trading card games i suggest you give it a shot, im not saying that this game will keep you occupied for months, but it kept me entertained for more than a week.
The game is made in flash and does not require a download, people with a kongregate account can acces the game through kongregate, i suggest you go to the official site though, since the game screen will be bigger and it will be easier to read the details on the cards.

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