Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WoW patch 4.0.x

I have been playing WoW for alarge amount of time now, though im not on as much as i used to. and yester i finally got familiar with the 4.0 patches. and id like to do a little whining about it.

Firstly id like to complaint about what i always complaint about when i new version patch is implemented, the talent tree. I like to experiment with the talents, and my newest project that had me excited was making a holy dps priest, just to see if it could work. but with the new talent trees the amount of dammage dealing talents for holy spells have greatly decreased, and you can no longer change talent tree unless you have deep specced in one. hence my project is now failing.

Secondly the cost of heirlooms, i decided to test the new patch by creating a new character, but i soon realised that the badges i had to give him a full heirloom set, were no longer worth enough to buy one piece. The cost of heirlooms soom to have been tuned to someone doing wrath instances, but since cataclysm have not yet been released, id have to kill what amounts to nearly 200 heroic wrath instance bosses.

 Thirdly the graphical fuckup made by blizzard, i used to play the game on nearly the highest settings, without any lag, but since the patch i can only run it on the lowest settings. Blizzard have admitted to this being a problem, but their temporary solution by editting the wtfconfig file does not solve my problem. so until they have a solution im stuck with crappy graphics.

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